Prosegur Cash Today Solutions

Cash Today, our back-of-house cash automation device range to secure your cash and provide you same day banking

Prosegur Cash Today is our entire range of intelligent safe devices. More specifically our range of behind-the-counter devices are known as Cash Today, an all-in-one solution that will manage your cash from the moment it is entered into one of our compact, secure devices, to its deposit into your nominated bank. Cash Today delivers efficiency and cash flow benefits to your business by eliminating repeated and time-consuming manual counting, shrinkage and reducing the risk of theft, while improving store efficiency and staff productivity.

Smart Cash Solutions

Realise wage efficiencies

More time for your staff to serve your customers. Take the cost and risk associated with counting cash away as our Cash Today devices assist with till preparation, change requests, skimming, revenue deposits and reconciliation and reporting.

Smart Cash Solutions

Increase cash flow with same day banking

All machines accurately count cash by denomination and provide same day banking. This means when cash enters a Cash Today machine, the funds are electronically transferred to your bank account to increase your cash flow! The solution provides you with a detailed receipt and 24x7 reporting which can be accessed through multiple device types (phone, laptop, tablet) so you can track cash movements in real-time!

Smart Cash Solutions

Protect your business and your staff & remote support

The Cash Today machine securely holds your cash – immediately reducing staff WHS and security issues associated with cash handling. As every machine is fully insured by Prosegur, you don’t have to worry about theft or loss. No more need for staff to walk to the bank with cash and you can reassess your insurance policy and potentially even reduce your premiums. We’ll also conduct a formal training programme with your staff so they are confident in using the machine and we have a 24x7 Indonesian call centre to attend to any support inquiries.

Cash Today ideal for all segments

Smart Cash Solutions for Supermarkets


The importance of the customer experience for supermarkets make Cash Today an ideal solution for repurposing staff to customer facing roles.

always secure

Cafés, Pubs & Restaurants

Whether it’s fast-food, a pub or a café, less time on cash admin means more time flipping burgers or making coffee, enhancing your customers experience and raising earning potential.

Smart Cash Solutions for Retail


A key segment with traditionally high cash volumes. Cash Today means no more walking to a bank for your staff and a fully insured solution which could lead to lower insurance premiums.

Smart Cash Solutions for Transport


Ideal for transport companies, specifically buses where there is a high coin volume.

Smart Cash Solutions for Petrol


Our Cash Today range includes under-the-counter machines ideal for petrol stations. The added security to staff and potential in lowering insurance premiums also benefit this segment.

Smart Cash Solutions for Hotels

Hotels, Pubs & Clubs

Our Cash Today range includes under-the-counter machines ideal for petrol stations. The added security to staff and potential in lowering insurance premiums also benefit this segment.

How Cash Today Works

Smart cash

Staff deposit daily cash takings into the Cash Today machine for it to be counted and stored securely whlist being fully insured. No liability to you.

Fast time to Market

Cash is electronically transferred to your bank account, improving cash flow and removing the need for staff to walk to a bank.

Own cash management SW

A real-time reporting platform to track your cash anytime, anywhere and from multiple devices.

Prosegur Cash

Based on cash volumes, Prosegur will clear the machine in line with its capacity.