Ethics Channel

What is the Ethics Channel?

At Prosegur we work hard to offer the best service in an optimum working environment, whilst always upholding a strict code of ethics and conduct. To ensure this, we have created the Ethical Whistleblowing Channel.


The aim of this channel is to detect any behaviour that is unlawful, or which goes against our ethical principles and regulations, or the good governance of the Company, and through which we encourage our employees, customers, suppliers or anyone else who has contact with our services to report any incidents of such a nature.


If the incident you are reporting relates to Prosegur Cash, S.A. or to people or activities carried out by Prosegur Cash, S.A., you can report this through the Ethical Whistleblowing Channel on the website

How do I report an incident?

Below, you can access the contact form where you can include all of the details on the issue you’re concerned about. Try to be as specific as you can in terms of names or departments, people, documents, policies, places, dates, times etc. To access the form, you must first accept the privacy policy.

The channel guarantees that your report will be treated confidentially at all times. You can provide your personal and contact details to help resolve the incident or, if you prefer, you can also make the report anonymously. You have the option to monitor the progress of your incident and continue communications with the channel manager; a password will be generated for access to this feature.

You can attach documents to the report. Please ensure that any personal information is deleted from the attached documents to protect your identity if you wish.

Proper use of the channel

It is important to remember that the Ethical Whistleblowing Channel only handles reports relating to conduct that goes against the Prosegur Code of Ethics and Conduct. For any other questions or queries, please direct these to the channels dedicated to customer service or HR.

To avoid bad practice when using the channel, specific criteria are applied when it comes to accepting reports, taking into account the requirements regarding the civil, criminal and administrative liability of people who communicate facts with an abuse of rights or violating the principle of good faith.

Thank you.